About Reading Romans

This is a devotional page to accompany the #ForOurCity campaign of 2018 in Hagerstown, Maryland.

For the third consecutive year, many churches in the Hagerstown/Washington County, MD area are partnering together as one voice for our city. The common sermon series will be six weeks of teaching from Romans chapter 8, called “Overcomer.”  The first Sunday is October 21, with the finale on November 25. The #ForOurCity campaign also involves other events and initiatives involving partnership and service, such as can be seen here.

This devotionals page will take the reader through the entire book of Romans in a total of 30 readings over a five-week period (Mondays-Saturdays), from October 22 through November 24. These writings will help the reader to more fully understand Paul’s communication, while also suggesting application to contemporary life.

If you would like to have these delivered electronically each morning to your device, note on the HOME page the place where you may give your email address for this convenience.

These writings were originally written for a sermon series at Tri-State Fellowship in 2017.  The passages encompassing 1:1–3:20 and 8:1–12:21 were written by TSF Lead Pastor Randy Buchman. The passages from 4:1–7:26 and 13:1–16:27 were written by former TSF Associate Pastor of Teaching Ministries, Chris Wiles.